Finding the Right Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Insurance

It can be difficult to find insurance with the right cover for a family entertainment business. Whether you own an amusement arcade, water park, or a soft play centre, you need to have the best insurance in place if disaster strikes. At Prosura, we want you to be able focus on running your business so we focus on FEC insurance cover specially packaged for you and your business. We represent the best insurance plans available and help match you to what will serve your business best.

You may wonder what types of insurance are important for a FEC. Every family entertainment business needs public liability insurance. In Insurances for Surveyors , noisy environment of any family entertainment business a patron can slip and fall or someone can almost choke on a piece of food. The expenses can quickly rise as your customer’s medical bills pile up. You do not want to risk your business’s financial survival so having the right insurance cover in place is absolutely necessary.

Property insurance can be equally important for your family entertainment business. Every piece of machinery in your business needs to be insured so that financial issues won’t stop it from returning to use quickly when it breaks. All of the items you keep in stock for use in your business need cover in case of loss or theft.

The land your business sits on as well as all buildings involved need cover whether you own or rent. No one wants to risk the loss of one of their largest assets so it makes sense to be sure the proper cover is in place from the very beginning. Even expenses from something like repair after vandalism can quickly add up.
Entertainment businesses routinely have large sums of money on their premises. Property insurance can extend to cover the cash you have on hand from loss due to unexpected events such as robbery or fire loss.

Employers liability insurance is required by law. It must cover everyone from full time employees to part time and casual workers. You may want to adjust cover throughout the year based on seasonal business levels so that your seasonal employees will be covered too. We will make sure you have the right insurance plan to cover everyone from the first person your customers meet to the people busy behind the scenes that keep your business running.

Business interruption cover may be very important to you. If fire or other damages leaves your property unusable until all problems are repaired, business interruption insurance can help pay for ongoing fixed costs while work is completed. Covering the repair costs with property is not enough.

Other items that you may choose to include in your FEC insurance package can include cyber insurance in case your website or computer operations are attacked. D&O insurance can protect the personal assets of the main officers of your company. It can also cover any legal costs that company officers incur if personally sued by employees, vendors, competitors, or customers. During your first visits with a Prosura broker, they will ask you many questions about your business. As we learn what is important to you and how your business runs we will be able to suggest a variety of additional items you may want to include in your insurance package.

Having the right insurance cover can keep you from financial ruin and losing your business when major disaster strikes. It can be equally important for those smaller calamities that occur as well. Prosura is here to help with all our insurance needs from liability insurance to property insurance. We have the experience to know which policies will be best for your type of business and we will help you be sure to have cover for any possible trouble that may occur. Call now to set up an appointment with one of our insurance specialists.

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